Phase II: Homeless No Longer

Welcome back my literate friends. Since I first posted last week I have succeeded in giving away a good deal of my possessions. I donated most of them to charity (how awesome am I?) because I loathe physical labor and refused to drag anything down the stairs of my old apartment (how lazy am I?). Here’s what I liberated myself from:

Queen sized mattress
1/4 of my clothes
Bedroom set (nightstand, coffee table, entertainment center)
Two really soft sets of sheets
My glorious espresso machine and the glorious bean grinder beside it
Silverware, coffee cups, bowls, pots, pans, an expensive knife set
My laser jet printer
My 32” flat screen television
My Lego Millennium Falcon
Other nicks and knacks

I want to be cavalier about this unfettering, but I’ve had night terrors since. I wake up sweating over a potentially lost tshirt, or my Russian dictator nesting dolls. I felt bad about giving away the last three years of Christmas gifts from my parents, but I feel good about it now. The best way to get over losing your possessions is to walk across your city with all your other possessions on your back; you’ll wish you’d lost more.

To be fair, I have acquired a new pair of socks and an old pair of shoes in the last week.

Also, I am no longer homeless. I paid a friend of mine who tends bar in Ybor named Sean to sleep in his spare bedroom for the next four weeks. Now I just have to keep saving money, keep giving shit away, mail some books to Washington, buy a plane ticket or two, and keep myself hydrated. Until next time…

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