Dangerous Days: Seattle’s Fast Food Scene

Two for 99 cents!?

Two for 99 cents!?

Like many great American past times – baseball, winning wars, and joyrides, for example – fast food joints are fast becoming decrepit relics of the past. Not that we have less McDonalds’ or Taco Bells, but that the ones we do have are hopeless shit holes. The magic is gone.

We all know that baseball is corrupt nowadays. At least in the past it was just one team throwing a World Series, now it seems like every player who hits a home run is injecting random animal proteins and growth hormone into his ass between innings. And war? We claim to win a lot of wars, but come on. We flat out lost Vietnam, Iraq is, well, check today’s newspaper to see if the government we installed has fallen. Korea was a draw. I don’t even want to get started on the War on Drugs, or the War on Obesity, etc. The last war we really “won” was WWII. That was 69 years ago. Continue reading

After the Facebook Fast

Two weeks ago I gave up social media for seven whole days (here’s the link). Well, sort of. To be honest, I checked my stats on WordPress (this blog) for the first two days of my social media fast. I also waited to delete all of the social media apps from my smartphone until day two. So, while I didn’t know what my Facebook notifications were, I knew I was still getting them – for the first two days, at least. Other than that, though, I didn’t check Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or OkCupid, or my blog.

Here is what I discovered:

Not checking Facebook on my phone every other minute is great.

I felt antsy for the first few days, but after that I barely thought about it. I thought that maybe the terrible boredom and lack of attention I would inevitably feel during that week might force me into some amazing sort of adventure, like talking to a girl in a bar, or Trader Joe’s, or something. It didn’t. Apparently the same affliction that drives me to obsessively check Facebook also ramps up my anxiety in ‘actual’ social situations. Continue reading

Final Stage: Mea Culpa

If you have read my blog much, you’d know that two months ago I set out on a life altering adventure. I sold or gave away nearly all of my possessions. I quit my secure job where I made great money waiting tables in a high-end sushi restaurant. I saved up nearly 6,000 dollars and I left Florida, where I’d resided since 2010, to move clear across the country, three time zones, to a different ocean, a different climate, and a different culture than sunny Tampa. I moved to Seattle.

I made many plans before moving out here. I planned to hike through the Cascades, to live free from debt and bills and work and responsibility. I planned to take busses up and down the West Coast, to explore the Redwoods again, to meet hillbilly hikers in the Sierras and to remake myself. I vowed to stop waiting tables and eating shit; I would become the writer I’ve always been meant to be. I wrote about most of that stuff and I impressed people at bars with my stories and my plans.

All that being said, here I am with 75 dollars in my bank account. Continue reading